Shell Broker Dealers

BDX ID Summary Description

The BDexchange has several relationships with Floor brokers on the NYSE. Please call to discuss these opportunities. You must be ready to move fast due to the demand so please, serious inquiries only.

BDX 937

Investment Adviser shell. North Carolina company that has never been used. Clean and up to date and ready to move your clients into. 15k

BDX 943

NY based 5k firm. Crystal clean. Approved for Real Estate Syndicate, Limited Partnerships, Tax Shelters, Private Placements, M & A advisory and Mortgage interests. 60k

BDX 945

Crystal Clean 5k Connecticut based private placement shell. clean , up to date with little or no business. owner will assist in transition. Firm is also approved for Direct Participation programs as well. 60k

BDX 964

5k Full service firm located in North West. Found nearly 20 years ago, the firm is clean, up to date and approved for Equities, Mutual Funds, Government Securities, Tax shelters,Private placements, underwriting, VA's and Investment advisory. No restrictions on reps or branches! $100k

BDX 965

Small full service firm located in North West U.S. $5000 net cap and over 30 years old and spotless! Approved for Equities, Mutual Funds, Variable Annuities and insurance. Owner will assist in the transition. Selling just the corporation. good clearing agreement in place with SWS $75k

BDX 967

Brand new small investment banking firm. Little to no business run through the firm. 5 k net cap and approved for Underwriting, Private placements and raising capital and investment advisory advice (M&A). Owner open to staying on board for right buyers. 75k

BDX 968

5 k mutual fund and VA firm for sale. Spotless record, sole proprietor and a 30 year track record. Funds held direct so no clearing firm needed. retiring and looking for right person to take over and will help with the transistion 50K

BDX 829

Tx 5k BD. Approved for privates and M &A. Crystal clean, little business run through the firm if any. Owner will assist in a smooth transition. FINOP will stay on board with the firm. 60k

BDX 970

Ca 5k Muni Bond broker dealer and underwriter. Immaculate history and respected name in the municipal bond circle. FINOP and Compliance may stay on board. 90k