Shell Broker Dealers

BDX ID Summary Description
BDX 968

PA based 5k Mutual fund and VA firm. Clean, up to date with one rep willing to stay on board. Currently has approx 22k in trails and has recently passed their FINRA exam with no problems. Asking 60k for firm and production.

BDX 936

Ma firm that may be sold as a Shell or a producing firm. 20 reps producing and approved for stocks, bonds, options, mutual funds, VA's, US Gov't Broker /Dealer, Muni Broker/Dealer , Tax F shelters and Privates.Great clearing firm with Stern Agee. FIRM IS APPROVED FOR 165 REGISTERED REPRESENTATIVES! Willing to sell shell for $165k or will consider a deal including the reps. Serious inquiries only as this is an incredible opportunity for this who need to expand

BDX 1000

NJ based 5k firm. Unreal firm that was established over 40 years ago without a single blemish. approved for Stocks, Bonds, mutual funds, options and soft dollar arrangements. clears through Pershing and handled mostly institutional clients. Firm is immaculate and seller will assist you. $150k

BDX 1002

NY based 5k shell. Approved a few years ago with very little business run through the firm. Approved for Private Placements and Mergers and Acquisitions. FINOP will stay on board and assist in transition. Clean as snow and ready to go. $65k

BDX 1003

A 5k B/D. immaculate old time firm with over 25 years of experience. Private placements, LP's, Oil and Gas and M&A. clean as snow and owner is looking to retire. $65k