Assets: We have them but....

Greetings from all of us at BD Exchange!

A few years ago I gave up on books of assets as a waste of time. The Sellers wanted to get top dollar while the buyers wanted to pay little if anything on the front end and make the entire transaction a payout. I felt like a floor broker with a “bid” of 10 and “ask” of 15 and no volume to speak of. Recently however, the spread appears to be narrowing and it may be time for the market to again start moving. I have been contacted by numerous entities and brokers about selling their books due to various reasons, including the compliance burden and crashing market. I have several clients looking to sell their assets and move on while others are willing to continue working the book while becoming employed by a larger firm. The books we have are diverse across a wide range of investments, however one thing is certain and that is that the books are for SALE not for FREE!

We often place the moniker “_Serious Inquiries Only_” next to certain listings on our site and despite that notion it appears that we have not fully explained or defined what “Serious Inquiries” entail so we think its time to take a moment and define it. At BD Exchange, serious means you have the cash (or assets) in a liquid account. Be prepared to show an account statement in your name not in someone else’s name. We often receive calls and inquiries in which they have to go “raise capital” or need to get their firm or some other big brother to help buy them. Raising capital today has become a burden like never before and if you need to do a raise to buy a book of assets, chances are you’re not serious. Another aspect of serious is that you already are licensed, conducting business and do not have investor complaints on your license. Transferring of accounts from one Broker Dealer to another is becoming more and more onerous and FINRA is putting on more restrictions then ever before. A book of elderly clients invested in mutual funds is usually not the right fit for a former boiler room broker with a bunch of complaints.

Lastly, serious inquirers understand that when you sell your car to a stranger who read about it in the paper, you would never agree to a payout. Imagine letting someone drive off in your BMW with the promise that they will send you $500 per month for the next five years? After two years they stop making payments and return the car…with 250,000 miles and no hubcaps! There is a time and place for a payout but when it comes to books we believe half down and the other half when the accounts are moved makes sense for both sides and also keeps the seller with some skin in the game. Asking if you can ‘work the book “and give the seller a percentage of what you make off it is like asking someone if you can try out his wife on a few dates. It’s insulting and not serious so please don’t ask. If you are serious about acquiring assets or about selling your book or producing firm call us and get some strait, no nonsense talk.

Spotlight on producing firms

We have several new listings available for serious buyers. When we use the term serious buyers , we are referring to buyers who have the cash to close. These firms are not interested in being purchased with their own cash over the next year or two. They are ready to make a deal now for buyers who can close and get regulatory approval. If you would liek to learn more, please call us to discuss.

BOOK OF ASSETS: New Orleans Based Book held by one rep for dozen years. 25 million in stocks, bonds, mutuals . Produced 350k in gross last year and on track to do 400k this year. Broker to leave industry and focus solely on insurance. Will assist in transfer.

BOOK OF ASSETS: SW Based brokerage firm closing down. Approximately 10 million in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Currently has over 1 million in customer Money Market / Cash accounts. Owner retiring and will assist in transfer however owner will not agree to long terms.

BOOK O F ASSETS: Mutual fund firm with approximately 4 million in accounts held at the mutual fund. Owner retiring and the accounts are paying approx 10k per year in12b-1. Accounts are 40k or buy the whole firm and accounts for 60k

NY FULL SERVICE FIRM: 6 reps, 200 million in account assets and producing 1 million plus per year in revs. serious inquires only 750k

MA BASED TRADE DESK. Approved for trading with other institutions in Stocks Corporates,and options.also approved for prop trading. This firm is ready to move and the owner is motivated to move so please call today for details.

IL based Private placement firm. No marks, little business and ready to move as owner is retiring onto other things. call today for details

NY FULL SERVICE FIRM: 6 reps, 200 million in account assets and producing 1 million plus per year in revs. serious inquires only 750k

FLORIDA Prop trading firm with a great relationship with Pershing. Stocks and more are on the membership agreement.

Self Clearing firm back on market. 27 million in accounts and fully functioning and operational. Proprietary software clearing system and infrastructure in place. 1.5 million serious buyers with bank statements required to show proof of funds

Many more listings on our web site!


New on the market and not even listed yet! Clean firm with almost every approval from stocks, bonds, mutuals, options, underwriting, and Privates to name a few. The firm comes with employment of up to 225 reps of which 130+ reps are all to be full service series 7 reps. There is some production in the firm and the supervisor will stay on. 285k and serious inquiries only please. The approvals are less then a year old so do not wait .