Buy Side Advisory


BD Exchange is an important advisor to small and middle-market financial institutions and advisors. A dedicated team of expert professionals will be assigned to the task of finding targets custom tailored to your strategic goals. Whether you are in the market for a clean "Shell", Assets, or a Producing BD with 100 reps, we can help.

Our network of eyes and ears is unparalleled in this niche space, and stands by to vett potential targets to your specific needs. Typically, the seller pays Broker Dealer Exchange, – so at this time there is no charge for buy side services – though this may change in the future, as ever greater network capacity is devoted to locating and vetting potential targets.

Firms with strategic acquisition plans should contact BD Exchange as early as possible in this process. Not only may we be able to provide information available nowhere else, such as comparables, industry trends, etc., but we will get you on our “Look List”, where your specific parameters are databased, and you will get a wealth of information on any firms that would be of clear and present interest.

Most importantly, our network will reach out to firms that fit your specific parameters, and bring them to the table. Our eyes and ears operate in all US states and the U.K., and are often able to make confidential contact at exactly the right time, via the right person, to bring suitable targets to the table at prices supported by the current market.

Whether you represent a small firm looking to grow strategically in one area, or a multinational firm with acquisition plans covering a multitude of business lines, we can help. Our current and past clients represent some of the very largest financial conglomerates in the world, as well as regional and local boutique shops. To find out why our repeat and ongoing business is so strong, make confidential contact.